Newsletter Sneak Preview: Success in the Recession Case Study

I’m putting the finishing touches on July’s Small Business Newsletter. Use the handy form to your left to get a copy delivered to your inbox!

This month’s issue will feature a case study. I’ll explain how exactly one of my clients is doing more business now than he was before the recession!

I’m going to go ahead and post the images from this case study now. The full text will go out by e-mail only in the next 48 hours. After a week I’ll post the full text here on this blog. Subscribe to the RSS feed if e-mail isn’t your bag.

WARNING: These images contain graphic depictions of a small business dominating search engine results.  Click at your own risk.

dog training durham

Dominating Search Engine Results - Durham

Dominating Search Engine Results - Chapel Hill

Dominating Search Engine Results - Chapel Hill

SEO Takes Time.  Google Adwords Gives Instant Results!

SEO Takes Time. Google Adwords Gives Instant Results!

[Update: Two images were removed, as I realized the results were ‘personalized’ for me by Google. These images are all the usual results everyone sees.]


  1. says

    Didn’t know it was your birthday… happy birthday! (hey, better late than never)

    I think the recession’s been a good thing for some people though… it forces them to participate in new markets they normally wouldn’t have bothered with. It also forces people to be more creative in order to get noticed above the waves of everyone else (especially where blogging is concerned.)

  2. says

    Thanks ya’ll!

    Travis: Yes, tough times force us all to work harder! Plus it’s good to burst the bubble from time to time, lest it get too inflated.

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